Writing your CV

Get the Basics right

There is no right or wrong way to write a CV, but there is some information that should always be included.


Your CV needs to be presented carefully & clearly making it easy to read. Pay attention to the layout and ensure it is well structured, examples can be found online. When submitting your CV to a potential employer make sure it is on clean white paper.

A good CV is clear and concise and therefore should not be more than 2 pages of A4.

Remember the CV hotspot!!! The upper middle section of the first page is where the eye will naturally fall and you should make sure to include your important information there.

Understanding the Job & tailoring your CV

When applying for a job, it is important to read and understand the job description. Try taking notes and thinking of examples from previous experience that shows you meet the requirements.

Once you have understood the job requirements you should tailor your CV, to show you meet the recruiters requirements, by using your examples.

Remember to make the most of your skills and to show examples of when you have used and developed them. Example skills may include:


You should always try to provide two references. A reference should either be your current employer or someone who has employed you in the past. If you have never worked before you can use a teacher or tutor but always try to provide two references.

And remember to always keep your CV updated.